Keyboard and Mouse

Ma sha Allah great course so far! This goes at an appropriate pace, yet they are still challenged enough.

The Ustadh is very patient and conscientious and great with the kids. 
Totally recommend it.


It has given me structure knowing what to teach my son and I’ve been able to identify areas where he hasn’t understood as much as I thought he did. The Aqeedah is really broken down in a very in depth way. They are learning surahs and hadeeth along the way so Allah bless the organisers of this course and preserve it for us. Ameen.


My 6 year old son looks forward to the classes and really enjoys them alhamdulillah! Ustaadh Abu Anas is very engaging and the knowledge taught very beneficial. Alhamdulillah I'm so happy to have this opportunity for my son, highly recommend!


Although my son has only had a few sessions, our experience is that The teacher is very child friendly and is able to engage with the young children very well and they too engage with the teacher very well. 
The teacher is very clear and concise in what he teaches.


 I think the class is excellent alhamdulillah the kids are learning some fantastic facts about Islam that are very important


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